Cory Allen, Founder and Guide

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Born and raised in the Ozark foothills of Southern Illinois, being immersed in nature was apart of growing up for Cory Allen. An area rich in natural treasures, he became fascinated at a very young age with the natural world, specifically those that dwelled through the looking glass of the waterways surrounding his home. So much, in fact, that he “dropped out” of his pre-school class to explore the outdoors fishing and catching turtles with his grandfather, “Pepaw”. Seemingly an innocent childhood curiosity, it was truly the beginning of a lifetime of discovery for young Cory.

Throughout his young adult life, he became increasingly intrigued by the subtleties of angling, as well as by his expanding awareness of all the outdoors had to offer him. When not on the water, he was either hiking, climbing, hunting, or just exploring the areas in and around his home, finding particular interest in the Shawnee National Forest and Kinkaid Lake.

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What had started as a past-time had become obsession. After years of cutting his teeth stump-jumping and pole-pushing the oxbows, bayous, backwaters, and strip cuts of “Little Egypt” pursuing a veritable cornucopia of fish species with his “Pepaw”, Bernard Dunnigan, he was introduced to the science of angling through the materials of Elwood “Buck” Perry, the father of modern structure fishing and the genius behind “Spoonplugging”, the first complete scientific approach and still most comprehensive to this day. He realized that angling, as well as most outdoor sports, were not only greatly under-appreciated, but not given their proper credit as art forms…and neither were their virtuosos. At this point, most of his casual thought life and free time was thereby consumed with the never-ending study of angling and other outdoor adventures.

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Being raised by a father and grandfather that ¬†accommodated his waterlust and mother and grandmother that presented him with cultural stimulation, it became second nature to draw the line between the fine arts…music, drama, writing…and the arts of the woodlands and the waters. Every moment on the lake was but a measure of a grand symphony, every new discovery of a point or bar holding fish was like blowing the dust off a grand living tapestry, and every fish that came to hand was a tale to be told.

Such a marriage seemed almost inevitable to him, if not obligatory. Not only realizing the potential of the outdoors to inspire, he came to recognize, through the life-long relationships forged on the water with his “Pepaw”, who went to be home in 2001, and his father, Bart Allen, that it was a generational bonding tool…a legacy that could be passed down from father to son and daughter. Not only that, there was enough room in the outdoors to accommodate interests for the entire family, especially in angling.

As fate would have it, pursuing a music degree, Cory found himself in the heart of the fisheries he’d studied and salivated over since his youth, in middle Tennessee. Within six months of attending Tennessee Tech University, he had fallen madly in love with the area, its world-class fisheries and other natural gems, as well as its warm congenial residents. Well-traveled himself, and spending a good portion of that travel experiencing the outdoors around the country and world, he had never found a place that fit him as comfortably nor challenged his skill and knowledge quite like Tennessee did. In fact, it was rather humbling…

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It was this realization that planted the seed for the idea that is now Stone’s Throw Adventures, a fledgling but ambitious conduit to spread that same awe he experienced to others, to bond together a coalition of specialists and outdoors virtuosos in their own right, and to cultivate a respect and love for all things wild, as well as increasing his own awareness of all the incredible experiences that can be found in the hills and waters of Tennessee and beyond.

Serving as both founder and a staff guide specializing in trophy Caney Fork brown trout and muskellunge, it is Cory’s wish that you find something fresh, enlightening, and inspiring every time you visit us here at Stone’s Throw Adventures, whether that be a new adventure to pursue, a new friend to share your own stories with, or the potential for professional advancement in the outdoor industry…

…and always remember, no matter where you are, the adventure of a lifetime is just a stone’s throw away…you just have to know where to look.

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