Holston River Smallmouth Bass

The unassuming yet pristine Holston River dissects the mountains and valleys of southwestern Virginia and east Tennessee, flowing southwest until it joins with the French Broad River near downtown metropolitan Knoxville to form the behemoth Tennessee River.

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Several reservoirs have been built along the Holston, and most of the fishing opportunites in east Tennessee are on tailwater stretches beneath the hydroelectric dams between lakes.  The Cherokee Dam tailwater runs a little over 50 miles from Jefferson City, TN through Blaine and Mascot, TN before finally winding all the way down to Knoxville.

This strech is toted to be some of the best Smallmouth Bass fishing in the state, and, arguably, even the country.  It can’t be argued, though, that this river puts up great numbers of respectable to trophy smallmouth bass in any given year. This is  a direct product of careful management, stocking, a fortified forage base, and great natural recruitment by the spawning smallies.

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A series of tumbling shoals and deep pools filled with food items that smallmouth love, such as crayfish, minnows, and even trout, makes the Holston River the near perfect habitat for producing large numbers of quality bass year around.  Being connected directly to the larger Tennessee and French Broad river systems also provides the opportunity to have a few cameo appearances by riverine guest stars. On occasion, a large rockfish, walleye, or even a muskellunge might find its way to the net while fishing the Holston for smallmouth.

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No other angler in the area can offer an educational and productive trip like Stone’s Throw Adventures Staff Guide Russell Woods, an east Tennessee native, and angler nearly all his life. He grew up alongside and quite literally in these waters, and judging by his scrapbook, it definitely shows. His congenial personality and attention to his clients, not to mention his extensie angling knowledge base, makes him the perfect guide if you’re looking for a great float down the Holston in pursuit of bronzebacks.

Basic 4 hour Half-Day Excursion: $225 for up to two anglers

Standard 8 hour Full-Day Adventure: $325 for up to two anglers

*a $75 deposit is required upon booking that is refundable until 14 days before the trip, but can be reapplied to another booking date with Russell.

Russell provides all the tackle, lures, knowledge and safety measures to provide a comfortable and enjoyable trip down the Holston in pursuit of smallmouth bass. All the client needs to bring is a Tennessee fishing license, any personal refreshments [guide provides basic drink and snack], and may bring along their own tackle if they so desire, though this is by no means required.

If you’re wanting to book a half or full day Stone’s Throw Adventure with Russell, contact us by phone at 618-559-3494 or by email at stonesthrowadventures@gmail.com to secure your date with a bevvy of bronze beauties floating and casting down the Holston River.

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